Standard Patient Lift

Designed for the safe lifting of patients, this hydraulic patient lift features lightweight construction for easy disassembling, transport and set up. Patients can be easily rotated 360 degrees without swaying, and low-friction casters make rolling the lift easier. Aids in helping caregivers avoid back injuries, creating a safer environment during transfers.

Padded swivel bar has six-point attachment and adapts to multiple sling styles. The pump handle can rotate from side to side for convenience. It provides the ability to pick up patients from a lying position on-floor. Comes with standard sling.

Dimensions breakdown for the lift as follow: Base width when opened: 42.25”, when closed: 22″. Overall Height: 20″to 64″. Caster Options: 5″ Clearance: 6.5″ from base to floor product weight: 68 lb. Product weight capacity: 450 lb.